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Saka’s former Physical Education teacher thrilled by his exploits


Nigeria born England international Bukayo Saka may not be featuring in tonight’s Euro clash against Ukraine no thanks to injury, but the impact of the 19 year old Arsenal ace  so far is heartwarming for many.

Saka was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from his old PE teacher

Mr Harvey, who says the 19-year-old representing the Three Lions is ‘one of the proudest moments’ of his career in touching tribute

Bukayo Saka was surprised with a heartwarming phone-call from his old teacher

During media duties, Saka got to speak with his former PE teacher, Mr Harvey

Mr Harvey revealed how immensely proud he was of England’s newest sensation

He also told a taken-aback Saka how he is the talk of his former secondary school Saka’s been a revelation for the Three Lions at the Euros, who are in the quarters

Bukayo Saka has been completely unfazed since becoming England’s newest footballing sensation, but the forward was caught off-guard after receiving a phone-call from his former PE teacher.

“When he dons that England shirt, it’s one of the proudest moments of my teaching career.” 🗣

England star, Bukayo Saka, shares a special moment with his former PE teacher, Mr Harvey, on the Daily Euros podcast #bbcfootball #ENG

And while Saka is now the talk of the town, it’s the talk of his old secondary school that left the winger in shock.

During some downtime, Saka was conducting some media duties with BBC 5 Live, talking about how the tournament has gone so far before Emma Saunders added a third voice to their call – his former Greenford High School teacher, Mr Mark Harvey.

After learning his former teacher had joined the call, an excited Saka smiled and said: ‘Mr Harvey!’

As the two traded pleasantries, Mr Harvey was asked just what impact the teenager has had on his life, where he responded: ‘As I’ve said when he dons that England shirt it’s one of the proudest moments of my teaching career.

‘Seeing him represent the country and slotting into that team and playing with the confidence that he’s playing is something that we as a school are immensely proud of.

‘And personally, like I said it’s been one of the proudest moments of my teaching career. So thank you, Bukayo, continue to do exactly what you’ve been doing.’

A taken-aback Saka responded: ‘Thank you, thank you for the words. I’ll never forget Mr Harvey as a teacher and helping me in school as well.

‘As a PE teacher, one of the best. Thank you so much for my time obviously in school. I’m sure I’ll come and see you soon. When I get the time I’m going to come back and say hello to everyone.’

saka with former PE teacher in the middle Mr Harvey

The offer of a return to the secondary school was something Mr Harvey couldn’t refuse, but added that he’d prefer it if he returned as a European champion. 

‘It would be lovely to get you back in for some assemblies, when we eventually win this tournament,’ Mr Harvey said. ‘I heard some people saying then about some of your fans, trust me you’ve got a whole school here that regularly chant your name when they come in and as they leave school, we’re all rooting for you here!’

A shocked Saka couldn’t believe it, before Mr Harvey added: ‘Trust me, every lesson I go into now someone mentions your name.

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‘I’m watching our GCSE classes and looking after some after school clubs and all of them are mentioning your name every time I walk past them. So, continue to do what you’re doing, you are literally the talk of your school.’ 

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