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Serie A: Balotteli’s teammate at Brescia says players don’t feel safe

Mario Balotteli’s teammate at Brescia Daniele Gastaldello has claimed the footballers are ‘afraid’ ahead of the proposed resumption: “We don’t feel safe.”

Mario Balotteli and teammate at Brescia Daniele Gastaldell

Serie A is working on a protocol with the government and the teams have resumed the individual training ahead of the proposed completion of the current campaign.

But the Rondinelle defender has claimed ‘it’s unfair’ to ask the players to put themselves at risk to conclude the 2019-20 season.

“I say no. I believe that what we saw in Lombardy didn’t really arrive in the middle and in the south of the country. Luckily so,” he told La Repubblica. “If they’d ask me, I’d say no.”

“There are not even the conditions, we don’t feel safe. They ask us to resume training and return to play immediately, concentrating 12 games in a month and a half.

“It’s unfair, it affects the safety of all players. I speak for myself and for my teammates. If the price of the recovery is to harm us, it’s no longer worth it.

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“We are afraid. We are exposed, all of us, not only the footballers, but warehouse workers, physiotherapists, masseurs. We are all in contact, inevitably.

“A two-month retreat? It doesn’t make sense, it’s against nature. We are professionals but also human beings, we have wives, children. There’s not even a protocol yet.”

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