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Shapovalov erupts at Australian Open over toilet break


Denis Shapovalov was forced to hold it in during his Australian Open first-round match against Jannik Sinner on Tuesday.

Shapovalov raged against the umpire during the match after he was denied a break to use the bathroom to relieve himself at the start of the fifth set, according to Reuters.

“What happens if I go?” he asked the umpire. “Do I get a fine? I don’t care.”

“What do you mean I can’t go? Are you going to disqualify me? I have to pee! I’m going to piss my pants! I’m going to piss in a bottle! You guys are not allowing players to piss? I don’t understand this rule!”

The Canadian went on to win the fifth set against the Italian Sinner to advance to the second round where he will face Bernard Tomic.

Denis Shapovalov

Players are allowed two bathroom breaks per five-set matches but only between sets. Shapovalov was reportedly denied because a player who called for a medical timeout can’t leave the court while waiting for help. He was allowed to leave the court on the next break, according to Bro Bible.

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He called the rule “dumb” and claimed that he should’ve been allowed to urinate because of his small bladder.

“I’ve got the smallest bladder ever. I’ve literally got to take a piss every set, so it’s difficult when you’re on the court for so long,” he said after the match.

“I think we should be able to take more breaks and go to the washroom because we… could be on the court for more than three-four hours,” he added.





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