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Shaquille O’Neal parts with his eye popping mansion

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has sold his mansion that boasts a basketball court, 17-car garage and enormous master bedroom for £12m – which is nearly £9m below the original asking price.

The four-time basketball champion owned the 31,000-acre property in Orlando for 28 years, buying it $3.95m in 1993 – a year after joining the city’s Magic basketball team.

part of the interior of Shaquille O’Neal

But it went on the market in 2018 for £20.5million due to his commitments as a sports pundit in the neighbouring state, having to cut it three times before finding a sale.

And the lucky buyer of seven-foot icon O’Neal’s mansion is getting a property that holds 12 bedrooms, 11-and-a-half bedrooms and lots of extras.

The 31,000-acre property, which Shaq bought in 1993, is situated between Lake Louise and Lake Butler in Florida

The house, built in 1990, sits between Lake Louise and Lake Butler on the outskirts of Orlando, pitched up next to the water around tropical trees.

A huge chef’s kitchen is kitted out with the latest specs, with a giant breakfast bar around the edge and a dining room table that can seat 12.

And this leads out onto the huge patio, where a swimming pool that’s longer than one used by Olympians can keep the owner cool in the Florida sun.





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