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Spurs chairman Levy stunned by their club involvement

Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy, been left stunned by the backlash of their Super League involvement.

Levy told Brighton chief executive Paul Barber to pass on details of a conversation they had before the 14 clubs left out of the breakaway met with League chief Richard Masters.

In a message that left the clubs increasingly confident they have the rebels on the run and will be able to kill off the proposals within days, the Spurs chief conceded he may have misjudged the mood of the nation.

Barber, who previously served on the board at White Hart Lane told the clubs Levy said this was “not what I wanted, or expected”

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The Brighton exec added: “Daniel says this all grew from a feeling that Uefa simply doesn’t listen to us as a League.

“He believes the big clubs deserve more respect and more money.”

But while Levy’s message was viewed by the clubs as the first recognition of the scale of the mistake, it did not spare him and the rest of the Big Six from the wrath of the 14 left on the outside.

One club source revealed to The Sun: “Paul was told to pass on a simple message back – that Daniel and the rest of them were destroying all of us by this act.

“We are all still seething at what has gone on. Every single one of us.

“There is no sympathy at all for Levy or anyone else involved. They’re the ones who put us in this position because of their greed.”

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