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Sunshine Stars coach suspended for attacking Lobi Stars keeper 

Sunshine Stars’ head coach Julius Kayode has been suspended indefinetly for physically assaulting Lobi Stars goalkdeeper Ospino Egbe during the buildup to Thursday’s rescheduled match of the Nigeria Professional Football League between both sides at the Akure Township Stadium.

The match ehich ended 3-0 in favour of the home side was delayed by 15 minutes before kick off. All the goals were scored by Chibundun Amah in the second half.

‘Bizzare scene in #Akure.Our Goalkeeper, Ospino Egbe, down in serious pains after he was attacked by SunshineFCAkure Chief Coach, Kayode Julius, before today’s rescheduled NPFL match,” tweeted Lobi on its Twitter handle.

Meawnhile Lobi Stars head coach, Solomon Ogbeide has attributed the loss to the brawl which he said was premeditated by the home team.

“We didn’t suffer any loss, it was a premeditated thing, my goal keeper was beaten up by one of the Sunshine Stars crew, I know the result will be like this,” he said.

“Coach Kayode beat my goal keeper up, his face was lacerated, his tooth was broken.

“We are forced to play otherwise, we played under protest, we were not ready to play.

“When I was told that we should play, I said no problem we should go ahead.

f the management had said we shouldn’t play, I won’t play. I know the result was going to be like this.

“They played on Monday in Makurdi, nothing happened to them, they came in they played, they lost, so it was a premeditated, I’m not surprised.

“Because if my actual goalkeeper had played, there was no way we would have lost the game,” Ogbeide said.

Meanwhile, Sunshine stars will host Enugu Rangers in another NPFL encounter on Sunday in Akure.


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