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Taekwondo: Schools to provide right atmosphere for students to develop


Ferguson Oluigbo, President Pan-Africa Martial Arts International (PANAMAI), on Friday advised school authorities to create the right atmosphere for students to exploit their potential in the sport.

Oluigbo told the  in Lagos that taekwondo, a global Korean combat sport, has contributed to the development of the skills of students practicing the art.

“Taekwondo is a popular sport recognised in the Olympics, it is gaining popularity in most private and public schools; they are also embracing the trend which is good for the growing pupil.

“It’s equally good to make it a required sport in schools, in order to build students skills, physical flexibility, fitness and discipline in their growing ages.

“They should take advantage of the diverse benefits of taekwondo to boost students’ self-confidence, and put them in form to defend themselves in an unfriendly situation,’’ he said.

He said that the programmes involved in the sport dwelled on the consciousness of the students where they would know steps to take in a hostile environment.

The Lagos-based coach told that some parents had to go the extra-mile to register their children in private taekwondo clubs due to its absence in their schools.

“We are all aware of forms of abuse and unpleasant stories that comes from victims, therefore the school authorities must do the needful.

“Apart from building their physical ability and defensive mechanisms, we teach them to observe when there is danger or in the midst of unfriendly environment and what to do,’’ he added.

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