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Thierry Henry: Arsenal far from being challengers

Thierry Henry: On a bad day Arsenal could lose to anyone

Arsenal great Thierry Henry admits his old club are not close to being challengers.  Henry won two titles during his stay in north London, including  Invincibles season in 2003/04.

That’s the last time the Gunners won the league, with the latest Arsenal side some way off the successes of that side.

“I don’t like to compare eras, people do and I understand that, it’s a different generation, a different time, different technology, they have different views of the game, different preparations and different ways,” Henry explained.

“The team hasn’t been successful recently, obviously winning cups along the way, but nowhere near the level of trying to compete for the title.

“But you can say the same for a lot of teams. You see Liverpool wait 30 years to win the title, it takes time, even for great teams.

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“So hopefully Arsenal can come back and compete, because at the end of the day there’s only going to be one winner, but at least try and compete.”

He added: “Consistency, when you look at Arsenal’s squad right now, on a good day they can beat anybody, but on a bad day they can lose to anybody.

“That’s why they find themselves in the situation they are in right now. They are a mid-table team because that’s what happened – some days yes and some days no.

“It’s painful to watch as an Arsenal fan, but consistency is very key.”

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