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Think carefully before considering Liverpool exit, Shaaban tells Salah

Former Arsenal goalkeeper, Rami Shaaban, has urged Mohamed Salah to think carefully before considering a Liverpool exit.

Shaaban believes the forward should remain at Anfield unless Real Madrid or Barcelona come knocking.

The ex-Swedish international, whose father is Egyptian, told OnTime Sport TV: “It is better for Salah to continue with Liverpool.

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“Liverpool fans love Salah, I want Salah to continue with the club even if he receives an offer from Paris Saint-Germain because the competition in England is stronger than in France.

“The situation will be different in one case, which is if he receives an offer from a team in the Spanish League, and we’re talking here about Real Madrid or Barcelona.

“I wish Salah would’ve joined Arsenal before moving to Chelsea, Salah’s style suits Arsenal.”

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