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Tosun knows Everton boss Ancelotti believes in him

Cenk Tosun is confident he’ll get a chance under Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti.

Tosun joined Crystal Palace on loan last season with a view to a permanent deal but the move was cut short through injury.

He has since returned to full fitness at Everton and came from the bench to feature against Newcastle United and Manchester United in recent weeks.

“Ancelotti kept a close eye on me over the past two months. One day he came to me and said I’ve got rid of two transfers and did not sign a replacement,” Tosun told S Sport.

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“This shows you how much I value you.

“I felt so proud to be honest, it was a great feeling to know he recognised me.

“He has given me a chance in the last two games. I have a lot of respect for him and his tactics are starting to make sense to the team.”

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