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Tuchel: Premier League is brutal, ruthless

Chelsea boss Tuchel: Leaving Ligue 1 for Prem is very brutal, ruthless

Chelsea boss, Thomas Tuchel, has revealed there’s big differences between Ligue 1 and the Premier League.

Tuchel was sacked by PSG on Christmas Eve before replacing Frank Lampard at Chelsea in January.

He is quoted by L’Equipe saying: “Going from Ligue 1 to the Premier League? It’s brutal honestly. Very brutal.

“In France, we played the same number of matches, two cups and there are also 20 teams in the Championship. But the intensity and the challenge of the Championship is really very different here.

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“It’s a whole different level. It’s pretty ruthless, it keeps you at attention and it gets you up early in the morning. There is simply no time to breathe. There is not too much time to sit down, to be relaxed or comfortable. And that’s a good thing, it sharpens your mentality and your spirit. This is what I find impressive about this club.

“Everyone is on the front lines. Players are aware of these challenges and demands. They are up to the task in terms of recovery, in their approach to their work, during their time here at the club. Everyone at the club is aware of what it takes to be in good shape. This is why it is impressive.

“We come to every game with the knowledge and the deep conviction that we are perfectly prepared for it and that we can perform at the highest level and adapt.”

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