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Ultimate Strongman Competition to hold in Lagos

FOR the third time, Lagos will welcome some of the strongest men in Nigeria for the African Strongman Union qualifiers, scheduled to hold at the National Stadium, Surulere on Monday 14th April, 2020. reports that the two-category event, organized by TKK Sport World in partnership with Nigeria Strongman Federation, will have the screening on Saturday 29th of February, 2020.

According to the Director of Competitions, Abdullrahman Orosanya, challengers at the Strongman Championship will be looking to claim the title of the strongest man in Nigeria plus other mouthwatering consolidation gifts, while the screening event will showcase the strength, fitness and endurance of the athletes and provide entertainment for sport lovers that will be present.

Competitors will take part in five grueling challenges which include; the Farmer’s Walk, where athletes carry more than 400 Kilogram of heavy objects in each hand for a certain distance; Increasing Dead Lift, where, following each dead lift, more weight is added until the competitor can’t lift anymore. Another event will be the Tire Flip, which requires athletes to flip the tire across certain distances while observing all required techniques and competition standards. The fourth event is the Heavy Stiff Dumbbell Press, where athletes are expected to lift a stiff dumbbell over their head as many times as they can.

The one-day event will conclude with the Atlas Stone Series, an event in which competitors will carry heavy circular stones and load them onto a platform.

The winner of the event will not only be named Nigeria’s Strongest Man, but will also become Nigeria’s representative at the African strongman Union Grand finals in South Africa, alongside the second and third-place finishers.

General Sectary of the Strongman Federation, Ademola Aderoju, said the National Stadium was selected to host the events because of previous success and a continued growth in the sport competitor-wise and support-wise.

“We want to have a good stable location for now for athletes to be well aware of where the event is held. The stadium environment provides a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that has all the amenities required for any athlete, the interest is growing like crazy every year.”

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