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Video: Angry Ronaldo reacts after teammate dribbles him in training

Cristano Ronaldo suffered a taste of his own medicine as he got nutmegged in training – and he did not look happy about it.

The Portuguese star, 34, was taking part in Juventus’ training rondo when Leonardo Bonucci cheekily poked the ball through his legs.

Centre-back Bonucci could hardly believe what he had done as his team-mates tried to hide their sniggers from their superstar pal.

But Ronaldo did not appear to take it too well, barely reacting as if trying to ignore what had happened.

He did eventually give a quick thumbs up towards the Italian defender as he carried on in the middle of the circle, trying to get the ball back.

But Twitter did not let the five-time Ballon d’Or winner get away with it.

One said: “This guy can’t even take a joke look at how upset he got.”

Another wrote: “They better not celebrate, he would throw a fit.

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A third added: “lmao he pretended like nothing happened.”

And finally one user simply tweeted the moment Exeter City defender Scott Hiley brilliantly embarrassed Ronaldo way back in January 2005 with a drag back and naughty nutmeg on the then-Manchester United winger.

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