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Wan-Bissaka: Fullback toughest position in game

Manchester United defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka has described the role of fullback as the toughest in the game.

According to him, a player needs the complete game to succeed in the position.

“I think full-back is probably the hardest position where you need to have the most energy,” he told “You’ve got to go up and down and maintain that throughout.

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“You’ve just got to focus and take your recovery seriously because we’ve got games every three days, and you have to be mentally very prepared for that.”

Wan-Bissaka is known for his tackling ability.

He added: “Concentration is a big part of tackling well.

“Patience too – you have to have patience. You have to stop yourself from diving in straight away.

“I kind of go off the player in possession, just try to take them down the line and then do the rest.

“It’s so enjoyable when you pull off a good tackle – it just makes you want to go again, so you’re ready and up for the next tackle right away.

“You’re all buzzed up for the next one.”

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