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Watch your mouth!: Angry Joshua warns ‘big mouth’ students

Anthony Joshua


An angry  Anthony Joshua stormed into a Loughborough University flat and told students to ‘watch their mouths’ after they heckled him over avoiding a fight with Tyson Fury.

The two-time heavyweight world champion, who trains at the university, took exception after being jeered by the drunken group as he walked by their building.

The students had accused Joshua, 32, of purposely avoiding a fight with current champion Tyson Fury amid other ‘profanity and abusive language’.

Joshua, 6ft 6ins, then turned and headed towards the flat and was granted access to the halls when he pressed the external buzzer.

And after gaining entry to the flat, the boxer confronted the uncomfortable students.

In the footage, Joshua is seen in a black tracksuit standing over the student one student in what appears to be a living area within the flat.

He is heard telling them: ‘Remember you’re running your mouth because when I start cracking your glass jaws, none of you will like it.

‘Watch your mouths because you don’t know who you’re talking to sometimes.’

A source told The Sun: ‘Lots of profanity and abusive language was chucked at him while the students hid in an upstairs window. They picked on the wrong man.

‘They should be more careful.’

The footage comes after Joshua revealed his love for chess after opening up about his life during an appearance at The Oxford Union Society earlier this month.

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He took on several students in a game of chess while speaking about his upbringing and financial goals.

AJ also spoke about the possibility of luring Fury out of retirement after the Gypsy King decided to hang up his gloves following his victory over Dillian Whyte.

Speaking about a future bout with Fury, Joshua said: ‘If Fury was in the boxing arena, was to come out of retirement and honour the gentleman’s agreement, there’s a lot of money to be made.’





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