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Work on your defense Scholes warns Manchester United


Paul Scholes has identified the defense as one of the biggest headache of Manchester United, noting that it will be difficult to challenge for title without addressing it.

United made some progress with a hard-fought 3-1 win over Newcastle on Sunday evening. Daniel James who seems to have found his groove recently earned some praise after the game from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Scholes, however, insists going forwards and scoring goals is not where United’s problems lie. In fact, the pundit thinks that until they address their central defensive weaknesses, winning major trophies will continue to be a struggle.

Airing his concerns on BT Sport, Scholes bemoaned a lack of a ruthless streak at the back.

“I think that’s what’s stopping them from being a team that can challenge for the league, or possibly the Champions League, challenge for the top trophies, let’s say.

“Everywhere else, I think their midfield and forward players are really exciting, he’s built a really exciting team that is capable of scoring goals.”

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Picking out Victor Lindelof in particular, Scholes added: “I think in the middle of defence, Lindelof especially, they lack authority.

“He can be bullied; sometimes he’s not strong enough. I think both [Lindelof and Harry Maguire] can be very timid. They don’t really command or bully centre-forwards, they don’t really demand from the rest of the team. I think these two positions in particular are massive for teams that are going to win the league.”




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