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Zidane Dismisses Conflict In Real Madrid Amidst Winger’s Strange Antics

Zinedine Zidane believes everything is fine and well in Real Madrid amidst speculation of conflict within the club due to Gareth Bale’s weird antics over their last couple of matches. Sounding annoyed with the repeated dispute questions, the French manager called out the press as he reiterated that the Spanish club is united despite the claims.

“My God, what a question, man! We think about tomorrow’s game, and Gareth the same. He is one of us. You try to put things between us but you won’t be able to,” an irked Zidane said, via Sky Sports.

“Every day you ask the same. You can, you have the right to ask, but everyone here is united. We all think the same way, Gareth, James (Rodriguez), everyone here. We all want the same thing.”

Real Madrid is on the verge of winning the La Liga title anew after three years with still two matches left in its league calendar. The club is scheduled to face Villareal on Thursday at Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano, where they can go for the title-clincher.

But amidst the Los Blancos’ scorching charge that has brought them past erstwhile league leaders Barcelona, the 30-year-old Gale was interestingly left out of Zidane’s rotation.

Since the restart, the Welsh winger has just played a total of 100 minutes on the field, and it appears the odd changes have prompted him to pull off some head-scratching stunts as he was spending most of his time in the stands.

Spanish football expert Terry Gibson labeled the situation as a “real shame,” saying that it is imperative for giant clubs to device methods on how to utilize big signings like Gale.

“He’s started one of the games since the return to play and he doesn’t even warm-up on the touchline now. He just sits there,” Gibson told the PA news agency.

“He had the facemask pulled over his eyes and pretended he was asleep and the other night there’s a new picture where he’s got something rolled up and it looks like he’s looking for a telescope at the game. It’s bizarre.

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“But I think it’s a real shame. I think it’s a lesson for big clubs that when they buy these big players they have to have a use for them because not many others can afford to take them off your hands.”

Gale signed with Real Madrid in 2013 for a transfer fee worth reportedly around $115 million, which was a world record at the time.

After a promising start into his stint with the Spanish capital, Gale’s performance has then taken a significant dive. His presence has been hardly felt this year as he notched just two goals in 16 league appearances this season.

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