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Ancelotti: ‘Ibra, Cristiano still immortal’

Everton boss, Carlo Ancelotti, believes Milan ‘are still missing something’ even if Zlatan Ibrahimovic ‘is immortal, like Cristiano Ronaldo.’

“They have had great results but I think the Rossoneri are still missing something to be at the level of Juventus and Inter,” Ancelotti said.

“However, do not forget that this is a strange season everywhere in Europe, I’m seeing quite surprising results.

“Some table leaders would be unpredictable at the beginning of the season. Anything can happen”.

Ancelotti did also speak about his experience at Napoli.

“There is a beautiful environment, like a family. Naples is a beautiful city, with many contradictions. I had never lived in the South and it was an experience worth doing.

“[Gennaro] Gattuso has personality, he made his experiences and I expected him to do a great job. Rino has the skills to do it.”

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Andrea Pirlo is another one of his former players who has begun a coaching career.

“He doesn’t need advice but I want to give him one: if he has to fail he must do it with his own ideas and not with those of others.”

Ancelotti has also coached both Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo

“When Ibra went to play in America I thought it was the final greetings. Instead, he scored in all games. Now he’s back in Italy, I thought it was the end and, once again, he scores every Sunday. Ask him if I wanted him at Napoli.

“He is immortal, like Cristiano Ronaldo. Continuing to play is easy but they don’t just play, they always score and that’s not easy.

“It never happened that I told Cristiano not to play because he is a better player than the others. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand it.”

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