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Boxing stakeholders meet on youth development

Hon Ladi Balogun (left), member, LASBA; Dr. Kweku Tandoh (second left), Executive Chairman, LSSC; Mr Wale Edun (second right), Chairman, LBHF and Mr Jenkins Alumona, Managing Director, Flykite Promotions, at the event on Monday

As part of its ‘Business Transformation Project’; with the main objective is to build a solid base for the future development of the organisation, the Lagos Boxing Hall of Fame (LBHF) invited boxing stakeholders to a Strategy Session Agenda seminar on Monday to voice their opinion on the future of the sport and its role in youth development.

The participants included officials from the Lagos Amateur Boxing association (LASBA), Lagos State Sports Commission (LSSC), Flykite Promotions (promoters of GOtv BOxing Night), judges, referees and coaches.

Mr Wale Edun,Chairman, LBHF, said: Surrounding athletes around excellence will have a positive effect on their performances hence the need for LBHF to restructure our business model to reflect excellence, especially among our youths.

“The main focus for this event is not on boxing per say but on youth development, helping the youths to harness and properly channel their energy into something more beneficial and positive both to the youth themselves and to the society in which they find themselves.”

He added that the major reason for setting up LBHF’s youth program is for young people to enjoy their youth and developing the right mindset to excel using sports.

“Young people should enjoy their youth and parents want their children to have fun. This is the real reason for setting up LBHF’s youth program.

“But it is very important for them to have right attitude about using sports as a tool for self transformation.

The management consultant for LBHF and associate, Adiel Associates stressed the importance for the organisation to evaluate its business strategy and its impacts in youth

He said more people and corporate bodies are needed to help grow boxing to develop young people.

“This event is very important one for the Boxing hall of Fame. It is very critical for the organisation as this workshop is designed to help it reappraise its core operating
strategy and how it impacts on the development of our youths particularly in Lagos and Nigeria using boxing as a platform.

” We are looking how we can give a human face to boxing and ensuring that we can get as many people coming on board to help drive the sport as a tool for youth development
in Nigeria

“We have seen cases in other climes where youths that were hitherto juveniles, whose energies where not properly channeled being transformed into role models to the younger generations.

“Many of these ‘bad eggs’ have also been able to complete their education and become responsible members of their society, riding on the wave that boxing has provided them so we want to see how we can domesticate these ideas among our youths.”

The Public Affairs Director, LSSC, Mrs. Titi Oshodi-Eko, advised that there should be a synergy between Sports and the Ministry of Education, adding that the sports commission’s focus for 2019 will be on education and sports.

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