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Careless spectator knocks off ‘Champion’ in Cycling event

cycling crash


What would have been a fantastic finish for a cyclist ended in fiasco on Saturday after a careless spectator walked onto the track knocking off the would be champion.

Racing fans can be heard screaming as the woman and rider are sent crashing to the ground in the brutal collision, filmed on Saturday.

The incident took place at the Condaca Salmor cycling event on El Hierro in the Canary Islands

Footage shows the cyclist with victory in his sights sprinting towards the finish line of the 55-mile route.

Spectators stand on both sides of the road, and at one point a man casually crosses the track with plenty of time to spare.

However, with the first cyclist now just yards away, a woman decides to follow in his footsteps.

She appears to lean out from the crowd before skipping across the road but the cyclist hits her head-on.

The collision sends both cyclist and spectator sprawling to the ground, with the cyclist robbed of victory.

Medical staff tended to the pair, with the woman only requiring treatment for minor injuries at the scene.

However, the cyclist suffered a ‘moderate’ head injury and was taken to the Nuestra Senora de Los Reyes Hospital in the island’s capital, Valverde, for treatment.

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According to reports, the cyclist suffered memory loss in the collision.

Local news outlet Cope reported that the Spanish Civil Guard got involved with the case, but it is not clear if any criminal charges have been pressed. The identities of those involved were not immediately made known. It will be recalled that it was a woman who also caused Tour de France crash recently.


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