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Controversy as Covid-19 positive Napoli President shuns self-isolate protocol

Controversy is growing after Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis tested positive for COVID-19, dined with other club patrons, and did not self-isolate despite having symptoms.

La Repubblica reported late last night that one of the representatives of the 20 clubs at the Lega Serie A meeting on Wednesday had tested positive for COVID-19.

Napoli released a brief statement this morning confirming President De Laurentiis was positive for the Coronavirus.

However, worrying details are emerging of his irresponsible behaviour when waiting for the rest results, especially as he already had symptoms.

According to the Corriere della Sera newspaper, De Laurentiis and his wife Jacqueline felt unwell after visiting their holiday home on the island of Capri.

They underwent COVID-19 tests and were still waiting for the results when the 71-year-old President attended Wednesday’s Lega Serie A meeting.

That had representatives from all 20 top flight clubs and he even sat down to dinner with them during a break in proceedings.

It’s reported that, at the time, De Laurentiis had stomach pains and told those nearby it was due to ‘bad oysters’ he’d had in Capri.

While at the meeting, it’s claimed De Laurentiis received a phone call telling him that the tests had come back positive.

He immediately informed the others at the meeting and left.

However, he was filmed leaving the venue in Milan and speaking to a crowd of reporters without wearing a protective mask, nor warning them to maintain social distance.

De Laurentiis also flew back to Naples in a private plane accompanied by Benevento President Oreste Vigorito.

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There are more concerns, because the Corriere della Sera insists De Laurentiis’ condition worsened later that evening and he sent a message to Lega Serie A President Paolo Dal Pino warning he was running a fever.

De Laurentiis had some health issues last year and is in the age group to be considered at-risk, so it’s possible he will be admitted to hospital for observation and treatment.

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