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CSED donates sports and drug awareness books to UNIBEN

As part of their goal of developing the capacity of future social workers in Nigeria, the National Coordinator of Community Sport and Educational Development (CSED) Initiative recently visited the Social Work Department of UNIBEN.

During the visit, Edema Fuludu donated 60 academic books and journals, as well as two cartons of drug awareness brochures to the Department.

These drug awareness brochures were freely donated by one of CSED supporters, the Foundation for a Drug Free World.

The one thousand drug awareness brochures were contained in two cartons.

Receiving the books and brochures on behalf of the Department, the Head of the Department of Social Work, Dr T.B.E.Omoregiuwa said that she was happy to receive the free social workbooks and brochures which would be put to good use by the students of the Department.

She thanked the Trustees of CSED for their kind gesture.

Dr T.B.E.Omoregiuwa commended CSED founder, Cornelius Ehimiaghe and CSED National Coordinator, Edema Fuludu for making the handover of these free items possible.

Dr  T.B.E.Omoregiuwa used the opportunity to thank staff of the Department, Dr Ernest OsasUgiagbe through who contact was made and prayed that CSED continue their good work of developing human capacity.

Edema Fuludu, with Head of the Social Work Department, DrT.B.E.
Omoregiuwa, and some other academic staff of the Department.

Cornelius Ehimiaghe later stated that he was motivated to make this donation because UNIBEN gave his widow mother the opportunity of employment in the 1990s and his mother used the salary she earned from UNIBEN to train him to become a social worker.

CSED further said it would be willing in future to collaborate with the Department in organising safeguarding training for the students of the Department.

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As well as using our“PROJECT2027”grassroots netball development programme to empower the girl child in some of the girl’s schools where the students of the Department do their field placement.





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