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Don’t loan out Gilmour, Souness urges Chelsea

Liverpool hero, Graeme Souness, has hailed the talent of Billy Gilmour and says Chelsea shouldn’t send him out on-loan.

Gilmour, 20, was man of the match for Scotland against England at Euro 2020 but is behind N’Golo Kante, Jorginho and Mateo Kovacic in Thomas Tuchel’s midfield pecking order, with newly-promoted Norwich leading to race to sign him on loan.

Souness told Sky Sports News: “I’d personally keep him at Chelsea. I think Jorginho has to be looking over his shoulder. He’ll be challenging him more than anyone else. I look at Phil Foden at City and Pep didn’t let him go out on loan.

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“I look back on my own career and think how did I improve – there was no words of wisdom, no sentence any coach said to me, there was no watershed moment in my career where I turned a corner.

“What made me better, I was 23, went to Liverpool, arguably the best team in the world – certainly the best team in Europe – and I was playing with fabulous players in training every single day.

“I learnt to think quicker, to improve my touch, move the ball quicker and just being around winners – Chelsea have got bundles of them – that will improve him more than playing in a lesser team where it’s a battle every week. That’s how I see it, Phil Foden is an argument for that.”

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