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Electronic Table Tennis Review System Approved by ITTF Board of Directors

ITTF Board of Directors passed the proposition on Table Tennis Review and appointed new Committee Chairs. Granada, Spain, was also elected the Host City of the 2022 World Para Championships.

The Board of Directors passed the proposition on Table Tennis Review (TTR) in its meeting on 27 November 2021 in Houston, Texas, giving players the right to review a decision made by an umpire, which they believe is incorrect.

Effective immediately, the TTR may now be used, and it will come into effect when an appeal is made by a player against a decision of a responsible match official on a question of fact. The help of highly accurate technology will allow better implementation of current Laws and Regulations.

TTR will instantly provide a replay of the circumstances leading to a decision subject to review. The replay will be reviewed by a video match official, who will have the authority to overturn the original decision based on the evidence.

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The ITTF has always put players first and is committed to continuously improving their match experience through consultation and innovation.

The ITTF Board of Directors also elected Granada, Spain, as the Host City of the 2022 World Para Championships in two rounds of voting. The Andalusian city has a long tradition of table tennis and is the hometown of seven-time Paralympian Jose Manuel Ruiz.

The tournament will take place from 7 to 13 November 2022 and will include singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. It will include female class 1 and class 2 in two different events for the first time.

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