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Ex-Arsenal star Henry confirms his place in Daniel Ek’s long-term vision

Thierry Henry has confirmed his interest in joining with Daniel Ek and buying Arsenal from Stan Kroenke.

It comes amid growing interest from the Spotify CEO, who first registered his intentions two weeks ago amid the European Super League furore.

Outrage poured into north London as fans protested against KSE, Kroenke’s company, who own the Gunners.

And they were not the only ones to express their fury with a number of club legends, such as Henry, in anger.

The Frenchman insisted that he “did not recognise” his former club anymore as the plans to enter the European Super League crumbled within 48 hours.

The club admitted they had made a mistake but this appears to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

And Ek is serious about buying the club, even putting in an offer of £1.8bn – though it is understood that Kroenke will reject.

Nevertheless, the Swedish billionaire is still attracting attention from players and fans alike and Henry has thrown his weight behind the movement.

He said: “I know a lot of people wanted to hear about it, it is true Daniel is an Arsenal fan. He didn’t say that for any publicity.

“He is an Arsenal fan for a very long time. He approached us. We listened to him.

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“When we knew, first and foremost, that he wanted to involve the fans then we met the Arsenal Supporters Trust.

“We told them what we wanted to do. To bring them back on board. Make them part of the meetings and knowing what’s happening. You need to put the DNA back into the club,” according to The SUN report.

Henry was keen to impress the point about the club’s ‘DNA’, in another pop at the current ownership.

He added: “He wants to inject the Arsenal DNA back into the club, which for me, is long gone.

“You don’t have Arsenal people there amongst the board, which might show the right direction.

“But that’s what Daniel wants to do. He has already reached out. He already said he has collected the funds to put a good bid. Now, they need to listen – he wants to make sure the team is what it used to be.”

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