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I am a believer in superstition declares Maurizio Sarri

Juve coach Maurizio Sarri


Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri has revealed the extent of his superstition, which took him to barge a player’s car out of the way with his own vehicle.

The tactician spent most of his career in the lower divisions and fully admits he went overboard at times.

“When I was coaching at Eccellenza level in Tuscany, I had this obsession with parking my car in the same spot every day,” he told JTV.

“The players noticed this and every now and then would put their car in it first to annoy me.

I remember one time I went into the dressing room and told the lad whose car was in my spot that he had three minutes to move it, or I would find a way to do it myself.

juventus in action in a Champions league tie

“He didn’t go out to his vehicle, so I put my car behind his and pushed it out of the way. We won the game 2-0 that day, so he couldn’t complain.”

Sarri was asked if he had ever cried for a football result and made another confession.

“I never cried publicly, but I did at times find myself at home alone with tears in my eyes. It’s not a sign of weakness, but of the passion you put into your work.

“I had a conflicted rapport with the Chelsea players for the first few months, but once I told them that I was leaving after the Europa League Final, I cried, as did many of them.”

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