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Lucas Vazquez: I hope to add many more Real Madrid appearances

Lucas Vazquez has signed a new three-year deal with Real Madrid and the Spaniard is delighted to have the chance to add to his legacy at the club.

After penning his new contract, he discussed his achievements so far and everything he hopes to accomplish over these next few years with Los Blancos.

“This makes me immensely proud, it’s really special,” he said of his contract renewal in an interview with Real Madrid’s official club media.

“My dream continues on here, which is my home, and something that I feel is very much part of me. You always dream of big things, but it’s difficult to then go on and achieve them.

“I’m really happy to have renewed my contract and to enjoying being a Real Madrid player until 2024. I’m a club player who has grown up with Real Madrid’s values and this makes my family and I really happy. It makes me massively proud and it’s a big responsibility.

“Real Madrid have some well-establish values: hard work, respect for others, humility… These things are non-negotiable in life and in football.

“I’ve made 240 appearances but am going to fight to ensure that there are many more to come.”

Lucas Vazquez has come a long way from when he arrived in the club’s academy and a long way from when he returned from a loan at Espanyol in 2015.

“When I joined the club, I couldn’t have imagined that I’d go on and reach this tally,” he explained.

“The first day that I set foot in Real Madrid City, I came with my parents and my brother and we saw just how massive it was. Every single corner of the place oozed football. I had a really great opportunity ahead of me to become what I am today.

“I’m so grateful to Real Madrid for everything.”

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Over these next few years, Lucas Vazquez might play more at right-back than as a winger, having dropped to the deeper position over 2020/21. On that positional change, he said that he doesn’t mind where he plays.

“The important thing in football is to be out on the pitch and help the team, be that as wing-back or an attacker,” he said.

“As an attacker, I’m a direct player who always tries to link up with my teammates and look for the best option. As a wing-back, I try to understand the game, whilst being aware that from that position I can’t perhaps do the same things as a winger.”

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