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Mayweather sends stripper fiancee Monroe flowers draped in dollar bills

Fkoyd Mayweather sent his Brit fiancee flowers draped in dollar bills – as a peace offering after claims he booted her out of his £8million mansion.

The Moneyman fighter asked Anna Monroe to pack her bags earlier this month so he could fully focus ahead of his bout with Logan Paul in two weeks time.

She is now living in Vegas, but one pal told Sun Online she speaks to Mayweather every day and that his gift was his way of keeping her sweet.

The pair are also expected to see each other this weekend during a lavish three-day party that Mayweather is throwing in Vegas for his daughter Iyanna’s 21st birthday.

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A source said: “When you are one of the richest sportsmen in history and you want to make it up to your girl you don’t just send flowers… Floyd wanted to show Anna how much he misses her.”

Anna later took to social media to show off the bling bouquet.

Fans have been bombarding Anna on social media recently with messages asking if she’s been dumped.

But a source insists the pair are “rock solid” and as we reported earlier this month, Floyd has said she can pick where she wants to fly off to once “he’s taken care of business”.

A source said: “Floyd and Anna are still very much together.

“When he was fighting professionally the women in Floyd’s life had to get used to him not being around when he had a contest. This is no different and, if anything, shows just how serious he is taking the bout against Logan.

“But Floyd has made it clear that once he’s beaten Logan and taken care of business he will take Anna wherever she wants to go. They remain rock solid.”

Two weeks ago, thousands of Anna’s followers on Instagram logged on to a live video she hosted on the social network platform.

During the chat she was asked how long she’d been in her new place to which she smiled and replied “last week”.

But after being bombarded with questions about her future with Floyd she remained tight-lipped.

Yesterday she uploaded a song by Ashanti with the lyrics “my days are cold without you” which many fans took as a message about life without Floyd.

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