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Mike Tyson says he got erections from fighting

Mike Tyson was known as the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’

Mike Tyson has revealed he got erections from boxing when he was younger and described a fight as ‘orgasmic’.

The 54-year-old heavyweight legend is preparing to make a comeback, 15 years since the last fighting, having signed to box Roy Jones Jr, 51, in an exhibition bout.

Tyson visited Joe Rogan and opened up in a bizarre interview about the emotions he felt before and during a fight.

He admitted to struggling with the notion of preparing to hurt someone physically.

But Tyson also said: “It’s orgasmic sometimes.”

He followed up by asking Rogan: “What does it mean when the fighting gets you erect?

“Well, that’s how I’d get when I was a kid. Sometimes I’d get the twinkle.”

Tyson faces former four-division champion, Jones, in an eight-round pay-per-view spectacle on November 28.

He has not boxed since losing to Kevin McBride in 2005, but the reformed Baddest Man on The Planet hinted at fighting regularly again.

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He said: “I believe this is just going to be the beginning, and whatever happens, happens in life.

“I’m just interested in fighting for the title of giving.

“It feels soul-cleaning for some reason. Doing it for myself doesn’t do it for me no more.”

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