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Neymar in trouble for organising underground party with 500 guests

Paris Saint-Germain forward, Neymar Junior, has landed himself in trouble for organising a massive underground party for 500 guests during the pandemic in Brazil.

The party was hit with heavy criticism, especially considering the fact that Brazil is one of the hardest-hit countries during the novel coronavirus pandemic. As it stands, the country is already nearing a total death toll of close to 200,000. According to a report by Spanish publication Marca, the shindig started on Friday, and was held at a mansion in Mangaratiba, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Furthermore, the 500-strong guestlist was prohibited from taking their mobile phones with them. As a result, there isn’t any information about what really took place and if the reports are true about the massive guestlist. There is also no available information if any COVID-19 testing took place beforehand, or if social distancing measures were observed.

The reports state that Neymar has booked a band to entertain his guests and that the mansion has an underground disco “with noise cancellation technology.” The details remain scarce and the event may have been highly exaggerated. It remains to be seen if the Brazilian government will investigate and take action.

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In other news, Neymar is still recovering from an ankle injury that has taken him out of competitive action for several weeks. Fans are eager to see him recover in time for PSG’s UEFA Champions League clash against his former club, FC Barcelona. The round-of-16 match will be taking place in the last week of February, and is one of the most anticipated fixtures in the new year.

If he recovers in time, Neymar will be reunited on the pitch with Lionel Messi. All eyes will be on both players, who have an opportunity to be reunited with the same shirt next season. FC Barcelona may attempt to re-sign Neymar from PSG, or Lionel Messi may be convinced to leave Barcelona to join the Brazilian in Paris.

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