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Pedri: I watched everything about Iniesta



Barcelona midfielder Pedri admits he’s modeled his game on Andres Iniesta. The teen has been likened to the former Barca captain

Pedri said, “I think I’ve seen all of Iniesta’s videos on YouTube. I never missed a match of his, so I suppose something remains.”

Asked if he always seeks to assist Lionel Messi like Iniesta, Pedri continued: “Maybe that’s something I learned from Andres, but the truth is that they are things that just happen on the field.

“If you suddenly listen to Leo, you know that you have to give him the ball because he will create danger and he will end up scoring as usual.”

On Messi’s future, the midfielder would only say: “Whether he stays or goes, I don’t get involved in that. That is his decision and the only thing we can do is help him while he is here, and we hope it will be for many more years.”





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