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Pitch invader revealed as singer in Little Mix TV show

pitch invader Adam Harison


The Pitch invader, who stopped play during England’s Euro 2020 final against Italy Sunday night, has been revealed as a singer who took part in a Little Mix Tv Show.

Adam Harison ran onto the field at Wembley during the second half and several stewards were needed to tackle him. The Singer who has more than 40,000 Instagram followers had earlier celebrated Luke Shaw’s goal adjudged the fastest goal of the tournament.

His stunt forced the nail-biting showdown to be put on pause while security staff  attempted to nab him.

Two members of security followed Adam and appeared to have him cornered near the touchline, but  in what could pass for his own contribution to dribbling in a real match situation, he managed to evade the duo before knocking a third steward to the ground.

One of the stewards then appeared to drag him to the floor but he soon got back up.

A fourth steward then sprinted onto the surface  just yards away from Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma  and successfully stopped him.

Adam, who was a member of boyband New Priority on BBC’s Little Mix The Search, had been partying in the stands before he carried out his daring pitch invasion.

He posted several videos to Instagram showing him arriving at the stadium and celebrating Luke Shaw’s opening goal in the second minute of the match.

He stood among rowdy fans as they shouted and punched the air after it looked as though England may finally bring it home.

Adam, wearing a red England shirt, beamed into the camera – but that was his final post inside the stadium as he was likely ejected from the ground.

Adam Harison and his singing group

Although he did later share a clip of his stunt, cheekily captioning it: “Well that was fun.”

The singer-songwriter rose to fame on the BBC programme, which aimed to find a band to support them on their UK tour.

Adam’s group with members Kaci Brookz, Adam Harison, Talis Eros, Zeekay and Lee Collinson – missed out on the win to Since September.

The pitch invader is said to look like YouTuber and professional boxer Jake Paul, who is set to fight Tyron Woodley on August 28.

Recall however that a remote control car had ‘invaded’ the pitch earlier to deliver the match ball before the kickoff.

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