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Points Blank! Allow athletes to smoke weed- Paige Spiranac

controversial Golf sensation Paige Spiranac


In what could pass for one of the most bizarre calls of the moment, controversial Golf sensation and social media lady Paige Spiranac has begged the authorities to allow Olympic athletes to smoke weed.

The 28-year-old has built up an Instagram following of 3.1m with her on-field talents, posting sexy snaps on the green and videos of her training.

But the American also shares some strong opinions with her audience, such as her reaction to Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight against Logan Paul last month.

And Spiranac has now taken to Twitter to share her opinion on athletes being allowed to smoke weed as a sprinter’s Olympic dreams are set to be dashed.

Writing to her 450,000 followers, the beauty said: “Let’s stop suspending athletes for marijuana.”

This came in response to the news that Sha’Carri Richardson, who won the Team USA women’s 100-metre race at the Olympic trials in June, tested positive for cannabis.

Sha’Carri Richardon:  Olympic dream dashed 

And this invalidated her result in the qualifying event for the Games in Tokyo, which start on July 23, putting her place at risk.

A source [via Guardian] has also said that Jenna Prandini, who finished fourth in the race, has already been approached to make up the spot.

It is now known yet whether the 21-year-old will appeal the result but the ban could keep her out for a month – just as the athletic events are taking place in Japan.

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But some high-profile stars have been using the substance and acknowledge it as beneficial to sporting performance, such as boxing icon Mike Tyson who owns his own farm.

Spiranac added in a response to her original tweet: “Let’s maybe crack down on the athletes who are actually cheating the system with performance enhancing drugs.”

Richardson posted a cryptic tweet following the news of her place being at risk which simply reads: “I am human.”

The 21-year-old suffered a personal loss before her success at the Olympic trials with the death of her birth mum.






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