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Revealed: Tyson Fury died three times in incubator as premature baby

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Tyson Fury’s wife Paris has spoken about how her husband “died three times” after being born seven weeks premature.

Mum-of-six Paris revealed that the boxing champ was named after Mike Tyson for his fighting spirit while in hospital as a newborn.

Speaking on the Parenting Hell podcast, as reported by The Sun, the 31-year-old shared: “He was born seven weeks premature.

“He was really premature. He died three times in the incubators. His mum had a real bad time when she had him.

“They said to him… he’s a fighter. That’s how he got the name Tyson. His brothers all got old fashioned traditional names but he was named after Mike Tyson.

“It’s an amazing story. A lot of people think that Tyson’s name isn’t his real name
but his name all his life was Tyson Luke Fury.”

During the same podcast, Paris revealed the reason she and Tyson named all their boys Prince – and their adorable nickname for baby Tyson.

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The pair are parents to Venezuela, 12, Prince John James, nine, Prince Tyson II, four, Valencia, three, and Athena, who was born in August.

Recalling the birth of Prince Tyson II and discussing her naming process, Paris said: “I was high on the gas and air! [I said] We’ve got to call him Prince. So we’ve got Prince, Tyson and Adonis, but they are all Prince.”

But, admitting that it felt “surreal” to call little Tyson by his name, Paris added: “For a long while he got [called] Tutti. Now we’ve got to stop that. Eventually he is going to turn into a big guy and Tutti isn’t right.”

Boxer Tyson, 33, who’s known as The Gypsy King, previously opened up about the names – but he had a much simpler reason behind them. He said: “I’m a king and they’re princes until they earn their rightful name.”

Earlier this year, just a day after he and Paris welcomed Athena, Tyson revealed she’d been taken into intensive care.

He wrote on Instagram: “Massive thanks for all the messages and support.

“The baby is in a stable position and doing well – hopefully she comes out of ICU today. Please keep baby Athena in your prayers. Paris is doing great. God bless.”

Paris later told how Athena was born with a fast heartbeat of 300 beats a minute as well as lots of other complications.

She told OK! magazine: “They put her on tablets to slow her heart down and when they took her off the tube, they thought it was going to be normal. But I think the accumulation of sedatives, painkillers, beta blockers for her heart and everything was just too much.

“She was in my arms and she stopped breathing and became completely unresponsive. Her heart rate was fading away – she was dying in my arms.

“They took her off me, put her on the table and resuscitated her. Tyson came running in. It was horrific. They managed to get her heart going and everything stabilised.”

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