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Solskjaer lauds Man Utd board for sticking to their long-term plans

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has praised Manchester United’s board for sticking with their long-term plans.

Solskjaer looked doomed last year after United lost 6-1 to Tottenham at Old Trafford.

But the Red Devils are now vying for top spot on the Premier League table.

And Solskjaer is grateful he was given time to turn results around.

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“I’ve said it many a time that we looked at the squad, we looked at the situation we were in and we put longer-term plans in place,” Solskjaer said ahead of Wednesday’s clash with Sheffield United.

“The club knew there were going to be some patchy periods; we had to stay strong, [with a] strong mentality, and the leadership they’ve shown has been very strong and steady.

“Of course, I’ve been very grateful about the communication that has been very open and honest all the time.”

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