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Thuram: ‘My son will choose his own future’

Former Juventus and Parma defender, Lilian Thuram, has said his son Marcus will ‘choose his own future’ and claims Andrea Pirlo can’t be compared with Zizou Zidane.

Thuram’s son Marcus, a Borussia Monchengladbach’s winger, is being linked with many top clubs in Europe, including Milan, Arsenal, Manchester United and City.

“One needs to let his son choose his own future,” the former defender told La Stampa.

Thuram, a France World Cup winner, shared the dressing room with Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Juventus and Zizou Zidane with his national team.

“Italian football is no longer at the same level of the past,” he said.

“The best players used to be in Italy, now English football has surpassed the Italian. If Ibrahimovic still makes the difference, it’s because he was an extraordinary player when he was young.

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“Physically he is not as strong as he used to be but football is a game of intelligence and Ibrahimovic is very smart.

“I don’t think [Andrea] Pirlo and [Zizou] Zidane have the same history.

“Pirlo has just begun his coaching career, Zidane was appointed Real Madrid coach after he made experience in the youth sector and as Carlo Ancelotti’s assistant.”

Thuram insisted Italian football has a problem with racism.

“What makes me sadder is that it is accepted,” he claimed.

“It is said that it’s impossible to accept racism, but that’s hypocrite. What emerges in stadiums is the image of society. Racism exists everywhere.”

“Our societies have been built on the idea that being white is better, being heterosexual is better, the idea that being men is better than being women.

“You can overcome these ideas knowing that some people do not want it because they know they are advantaged with this system.”

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