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Tiger Woods can make another stunning return, says Spiranac

Tiger woods

Tiger Woods could emulate his own stunning comeback of 2019 and return to golf after his horror car crash, Paige Spiranac has claimed.

The YouTube golf star believes the American, 45, has it in him to overcome the shattered ankle and multiple leg breaks he suffered in a car crash last month.

After undergoing emergency surgery in California, he is not expected to be able to walk properly for another three months.

But Woods’ amazing comeback from major back surgery to win the 2019 Masters means he cannot be counted out for more heroics on the course, according to Spiranac.

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The 27-year-old told her Playing A Round podcast: “You look at everyone who counted him out and then he won the 2019 Masters and it was like the comeback of the century.

“So if anyone can do it, Tiger can do it.

“You’re not going to know until we see him again and then we’ll know that he is coming back or not.

“I think that this question was getting a lot of heat, and of course it’s the most important thing he can hug his kids again, but we all want to see Tiger playing and healthy and happy.

“You look at his life and everything he has been through and it’s sad, I just feel bad for him.”

Woods is yet to be seen in public since the crash but has posted his thanks to well wishers on social media.

Investigations into the accident, which saw his vehicle drive across the road and hit a kerb before rolling several times, are ongoing.

And Spiranac recalled her terror at seeing the scene of the iconic golfer’s crash.

The social media personality said: “I feel like everyone’s world was just rocked when Tiger Woods got in his car accident.

“It was really scary and when everyone first heard the news, it was pretty vague.

“They just showed the picture of the car. Not really any information on his status or how he was doing, just that he was in surgery.

“I think everyone, rightfully so, freaked out.

“Our hero could potentially not be around anymore and that was really really scary to think about.

“It was one of those moments where you just stop and think about everything you’re doing and what’s going to happen if Tiger Woods isn’t around anymore.

“Luckily I think this was probably the best case scenario, where he seems to be doing much better.”

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