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A peep into Roman Abramovich’s £66million ‘The Bandit’ interior

Roman Abramovich inset in the interior of his £66million private jet


Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is one of the richest businessmen on the planet, with a reported net worth of £9.7billion.

That means he boasts some of the most luxurious aircrafts imaginable, as well as a £1.2billion super yacht.

But the Blues owner has one private plane that stands out from the rest – his customised Boeing 767-33A ER nicknamed ‘The Bandit’.

Abramovich bought the jet back in 2004, just a year after he took the Stamford Bridge reins, when Hawaiian Airlines scrapped their order.

Touch of Class:Master bedroom in the Bandit .

And as you would expect from a £66million plane, it makes for quite the glamorous flying experience.

As well as a banquet hall with room for up to 30 people, there is a kitchen, office and bedroom with a double bed installed on board.

The Bandit’s interior consists of precious metals and fine wood, including chestnut and gold trim.

It also has the same security system that US president Donald Trump enjoys in the Air Force One.

A £1.5million anti-ballistic system is in place on the jet, which is designed to counter any ballistic missiles fired in its direction.

The Boeing 767-33A ER, nicknamed ‘The Bandit’, boasts a master bedroom with a double bed and a banquet hall that seats up to 30 people

He also owns two other Boeing aircrafts – a 767-300 worth £55million and a 767-700 worth £60million.

Those two planes also boast conference rooms and bedrooms, although they’re not as hi-tech as The Bandit.

However, Abramovich has not been using any of his swanky jets to visit Stamford Bridge lately.

The 53-year-old has not been spotted at Chelsea’s home since early 2018 amid a row over his UK visa.

After the British government’s diplomatic relations with Russia became sour, Abramovich withdrew his application for a visa and has therefore been unable to visit the UK ever since.








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