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Bizarre! Paraguayan player flashes private in goal celebration


Paraguayan national team striker Raúl Bobadilla is on the verge of being hammered by authorities after appearing to expose part of his penis while celebrating a goal.

After his 86th-minute strike on Dec. 23 sealed a win for Guarani over Primera Division rival Libertad, Bobadilla ran to the sideline and removed his shirt — an automatic yellow card under FIFA’s laws of the game — and then began to pull down his shorts, too.

While video of the incident appeared to show that Bobadilla’s bare back side was visible to half of the stadium, including the referee, the 33-year-old was not shown a red card. But much of the talk after the match centered on what the cameras saw: images of Bobadilla’s pelvis and perhaps the very top of his genitals:

Paraguayan national team striker Raúl Bobadilla in bizarre celebration

While he didn’t drop his waistline low enough for a full frontal, the Paraguayan Football Association wasn’t amused, with the governing body announcing that the player’s actions were being investigated and could result in discipline in the form of a fine or a suspension.

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Bobadilla, who has made 10 appearances for Paraguay, apologized publicly a day after igniting the controversy. “I regret my celebration last night, I hope my wife has not seen it,” he told reporters.

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