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De La: ‘FIFA, UEFA should step back’

Napoli president Aurelio Di Laurentiis is furious with the club's recent Serie A performances

Napoli President, Aurelio De Laurentiis, has claimed FIFA and UEFA ‘should take a step back’ and prioritise the European Leagues. ‘You are squeezing football and the fans endlessly’.

The Partenopei patron met with the reporters at Castel di Sangro and started with a comment on the pre-season retreat and the project with coach Gennaro Gattuso.

“With Gattuso we’re at an excellent point, too bad that COVID has played its part. It’s a pity that this uncertainty, even political, is limiting the possible growth of our league,” De Laurentiis said during the club’s retreat at Castel di Sangro, according to Tuttomercatoweb.

De Laurentiis continued to claim the Lega Serie A should stand up against UEFA and FIFA.

“We are all suspended in a collective imagination whose ending is unknown. It’s very difficult to approach a market and a championship that continues to be distorted, not by our will.”

“Perhaps also by our will, because perhaps the Lega Serie A with the other Leagues should tell the lords of the Government, of all European governments, and to UEFA that ‘we’ll stop’.

“It’s not good for us to be commanded by you who don’t understand anything, you should just be our secretariat. You are squeezing football and its fans endlessly, setting the wrong calendars and favouring national teams.

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“The fan has the national team at heart, but above all, he looks at his own championship. That’s why the fan invests and goes to the stadium. He doesn’t cheer on going to play the European Championships. UEFA and FIFA should take a step back.”

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