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Gattuso: ‘I’ve not been myself’

Gennaro Gattuso gave a moving interview after Napoli’s last-gasp draw with Torino after his health problems. ‘I want to die where I lived, on the football pitch.’

The coach had skipped the last few post-match interviews because he has been struggling with Ocular Myasthenia.

This is an auto-immune disease that, among other symptoms, causes the muscles that control the eyes and eyelids to weaken.

When he arrived at the Sky Sport Italia cameras, his right eyelid was visibly drooping and he referenced it several times.

“We arrived really wiped out to this game, missing so many players, and even Chucky Lozano performed a miracle to play 30 minutes,” said Gattuso.

“Therefore, we hang on to this point and consider it precious. I admit I’ve not been myself for the last 12 days either. I want to make an appeal to all those, especially kids, who look in the mirror and see something that looks odd or not quite right: life is beautiful. Embrace it all.

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“The lads suffered too seeing me like this, I know that, but I’m alive. I’ve had myasthenia for 10 years, this is the third time it has flared up this badly, but it’ll pass and my eye will return to normal.

“It’s not just that it looks bad, this condition makes you feel really exhausted, plus seeing double 24 hours a day really takes it out of you. Only a crazy person like me would keep going.

“However, this is my life and there are worse things. I know some out there already assume I’ve got a month left to live, but I can assure you, it’s fine. When I eventually die, I want to go where I lived, on a football pitch.”

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