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KISS-GATE: What happens after Rubiales suspension?


Forty-seven years ago R&B vocal group The Manhattans dished out a song “Kiss and Say Goodbye”

“Kiss and Say Goodbye” became a worldwide success, appearing in the musical charts of countless countries, a Top 10 hit in many countries, including No. 1 in the US, Belgium, Netherlands,New Zealand, and in Europe  The song was one of the biggest hits of 1976 and of the 1970s.

And like a bolt out of the blue,infact since the end of the Women World Cup in Australia and New Zealand on August 20, Kiss’ has taken over the headlines accross the globe.

Spain women national team made history at the championship winning the trophy for the first time to join the elite group who have won the title since its inception in 1991.

Ordinarily that achievement should have been the talking point for a team that had to overcome internal squabbles heading to the world cup. But La Roja as they are fondly called overcame all that and stopped England from adding the World cup title to their European championship title.

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Unfortunately the Spanish FA boss Luis Rubiales took the jubilation that followed the victory too far. The usual hugging was not enough for the 46 year old FA boss as he planted a kiss on the lips of inspirational player Jenni Hermoso and the cameras did not fail to capture it. It did not only go viral it took over the globe as the main talking point overshadowing to the world cup victory.

Crossing the boundary

Hermoso, a 33-year-old forward, said “in no moment” did she consent to the kiss. She and her teammates have vowed not to play for Spain again  days after winning the World Cup for the first time.

Embattled Rabiales who has perhaps become the most popular face on the internet since the end of the world cup down played the act but as the outraged continued offered an apology for the unsolicited kiss.

Perhaps he had envisaged that the apology will allow the dust to settle but it didn’t. In fact it had no effect. American star and veteran Rapinoe insisted that Hermoso was indeed assaulted by the act. The country’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez agrees insisting that apology was not good enough and demanded a probe.

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“What we saw was an unacceptable gesture,” the Socialist premier told a news conference when asked about the outcry over the unsolicited kiss.

“I also think the apologies given by Mr. Rubiales are insufficient. And I even think that they are inappropriate, and that he must go further,” added Sanchez, whose government has pushed through tougher, laws on sexual consent and harassment.

Everything was pointing towards his doing the honorable, resign! Infact it was mooted Friday that he was set to announce his resignation but that never came, rather he told whoever cares to listen that he will not resign insinuating that the act was infact mutual.

Some of his board members are reportedly standing by him in the saga. But then World Football ruling body FIFA announced his suspension from all football related matters for 90 days. Within that period he is not to contact in any way Hermoso who along with other players have vowed not to play any match for the country until Rubiales resigns.

FIFA in its statement said “This suspension, which will be effective as of today, is for an initial period of 90 days”, pending the disciplinary proceedings against Mr Rubiales.

Many are disappointed that the Kiss-Gate has been allowed to overshadow a very major achievement by La Roja. Even the Spain football federation agrees that it was not good report card. The federation said it regretted the row was taking away from the World Cup success it wanted to celebrate.

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Football victories and losses triggers off a lot of emotions but in the midst of the emotions it is expected that decorum and rules of the game be observed. Recall that France head coach Hervé Renard, appreciated his captain Wendie Renard after she delivered a world class header in their group stage victory over Brazil  even though the 2019 hosts failed to survive the quarterfinal after losing on penalty to the host Australia.

But in showing appreciation Renard former coach of Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast among other teams he has successfully coached just planted a kiss on the forehead of the captain.

Herve Renard :more dignified and acceptable approach

That is considered a more dignified and acceptable way of showing appreciation, without any questionable intention in dealing with female players.

As it stands now Rubiales is on supension, La Roja have vowed not to play until he resigns. How will the saga end after the suspension? Will Rubiales return to his job or will it be a case of “Just kiss and say good bye” to further controversy and to the job.

The waiting game is on!






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