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Leeds boss Bielsa discusses facing Benitez

Leeds United boss, Marcelo Bielsa, is looking forward to facing Everton counterpart Rafa Benitez.

Everton will visit Elland Road on Saturday.

Bielsa said, “I can’t remember facing him. [I’ve]Been in the profession for a long time. [He’s] successful because he puts together compact teams and always gets the maximum from his players.”

On if Benitez’s style differs to Carlo Ancelotti’s, he added: “Has not been big changes with the players. Players are basically the same. Apart from wide players brought in. Changes expected are those I mentioned: Benitez teams are strong, efficient and hard to beat.”

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On recovering from their thrashing at Manchester United, Bielsa also said: “Physically it’s not a problem. Self-esteem and enthusiasm reduces after a defeat like that. Most damaging is feeling like we have let the fans down with their expectations. Disappointing fans hurts a lot. To not give what’s expected of us produces suffering in us.

“Closeness of a game gives you the chance to make a comeback and repay that debt. Games like the one we lost generate hurt not easily cured or forgotten. New emotions put forward allow for this to be in the memory and stop it being present.”

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