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Lotti blasts Spadafora over treatment of football

Former Minister for Sport in Italy, Luca Lotti has blasted current incumbent Vincenzo Spadafora over his treatment of football.

Spadafora has caused confusion and frustration inside the Italian game for his refusal to give definite dates of government-sanctioned training and playing returns.

“Football is an industry. An enormous industry,” Spadafora’s predecessor Lotti told Il Foglio newspaper.

“It brings in €1.5bn per year and with its taxes guarantees money for the State, also financing all other sport in the country.

“Spadafora should either have the courage to stop the league by decree or otherwise if he thinks the season can resume, he must give some sense of timing and guidelines.

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“Spadafora has to listen to the scientific committee and tell us once for all whether the season can start or not.”

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