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Man Utd defender chases thief who stole an elderly woman’s purse


Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof intervened to recover a purse stolen from an elderly women, according to a report from his native Sweden.

The Red Devils star who is on vacation in Sweden is believed to have pursued the culprit until police arrived on the scene on Monday morning.

The police department in Lindelof’s home town of Vasteras issued a statement thanking the witness for his swift
action, saying: “The police received a call that a man in his 30s has stolen a bag belonging to a woman in her 90s.

“The man is said to have cycled past the woman on Kristinagatan and snatched her bag, which was lying in a
basket on her walker. The man must then have left the place.

“A man who was in the vicinity is said to have ran after the suspected perpetrator, caught up with him and held him until the police arrived at the scene… The police want to take the opportunity and thank the witness for a quick and wise intervention to restore the plaintiff’s property.”

A Manchester United spokesperson has since confirmed to Sport Bladet that Lindelof was the man who prevented the assailant escaping.

”He ran after the thief and got the bag back without using any violence,” the spokesperson told the Swedish outlet. “Victor believes he was just doing what anybody would have done in that situation”.

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The culprit is believed to have been under the influence of drugs and has been taken for testing while on suspicion of aggravated theft and minor drug offences.


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