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Ronaldo lectures fans on fast recovery from Covid-19

Isolating Ronaldo wants fans to eat more vegetables and less sweets for fast recovery from coronavirus


Cristiano Ronaldo  has urged fans to ‘respect but not fear’ coronavirus in his first comments since testing positive on Tuesday, voting for vegetables.

The 35-year-old also extolled the virtues of sunbathing as he hit back at claims he had breached protocol by flying to Italy on Wednesday.

He said during an Instagram Live as he addressed the importance of developing a strong immune system: “The sun helps a lot.

“People don’t have that perception, but it does a lot of good.

“When I get the chance, I do some sunbathing. In Turin it is more difficult, but I always try to get 20 or 30 minutes of sunshine.

“Having high vitamin C and D, with high levels, Selenium, Omega 3, eating well and properly, doing sport.

“A lot of people don’t like it but just walking is important. And sleeping well, having a good night’s sleep is the best medicine.

“With everything off, no lights on. Thank God I sleep well every night, always eight or nine hours a day.

“Invest in it, it is essential.

“Eat well, lots of vegetables, lots of greens and don’t abuse sweets to have a strong immune system.”

He added: “In my next Instagram Live I will give my opinion and my point of view on what I have been studying in the last years.

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“I wish you all health and urge you not to be afraid of the virus and face the reality, but respect it.”

He also hit back at Italian sports Minister Vincenzo Spadaforo who had claimed earlier in the week he believed Ronaldo may have broken coronavirus protocol by jetting to Italy from Portugal in an air ambulance 24 hours after he tested positive.

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