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Roy keane flops in acting debut on Irish Television show 

Roy Keane steps out with Cork City scarf in acting debut


Roy Keane received a taste of his own medicine during his hilarious acting debut in the Irish television show, The Young Offenders.

The programme is based around characters called Jock O’Keeffe and Conor McSweeney along with Conor’s mother and Jock’s guardian, Mairead.

It is based in Cork, which is where Keane was born and in the television show he makes an appearance with the Cork City scarf around his shoulder

He knocks on a window of the van that the characters are in and asks: ‘If you’re not going anywhere, any chance of a fish supper?’

The trio respond with a thunderous ‘f*** off!’ and wind their window up on Keane.

Roy Keane steps out with Cork City scarf in acting debut

For football fans used to listening to Keane offering withering assessments of Premier League teams – mainly former club Manchester United – it is a far cry from how he usually appears.

Keane played for United for 12 years as a player, winning the Champions League and seven Premier League titles.

After United, he turned out for a handful of appearances with Celtic before heading into management and punditry.

Now it appears Keane has other irons in fire, and it remains to be seen where his acting career may take him.

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Roy keane who scored 57 career goals in 473 appearances for four different clubs also made 67 appearances for Republic of Ireland scoring nine goals.



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