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Spadafora vows to reform Italian sport

Minister Vincenzo Spadafora has vowed to ‘reform Italian sport when this pandemic is over’, claiming those behind the scenes ‘deserve more respect’.

Spadafora and his government have come under fire for preventing clubs from resuming training on May 4, while making provisions for individual sports.

During a Facebook broadcast, the politician turned his attentions to the sports workers who were struggling to make ends meet as a result of COVID-19.

“I address a special thought to the many sports workers who, often without the necessary safeguards, far removed from the spotlight, perform crucial tasks,” he said.

“Many of them have little in the way of protection and deserve more respect: it’s for this reason, when this pandemic is over, that I’ve committed myself to reforming the entire sector.

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“And on this day when, for those like me holding a government position, it’s a duty to be at work, I thank all my staff, who are supporting me in an excellent way, putting the interests of the country first.”

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