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Hearn breaks silence on Joshua’s leaked phone call 

Boxing Promoter, Eddie Hearn has explained Anthony Joshua’s leaked phone call to a delivery firm and stated the company “needed a little call”.

Joshua revealed in a telephone conversation to an unnamed delivery company that he plans to make his US debut in June and potentially scrap his proposed Wembley date on April 13.

The 2012 Olympic gold medalist said in the call: ‘I think we’re going to have to go to the States because I have done everything I can and everyone doesn’t want to fight, man. ‘I think it’s about June time.’ When asked about his already booked fight date at Wembley on April 13,

Joshua responded: ‘I doubt. I think we’re going to have to go to the States!” A phone call has emerged with @anthonyfjoshua revealing plans for his American debut in June…’

‘The only thing I can think is if they’re trying to make me stop training and then two weeks out they’ll say ‘ yeah, we wanna fight’ and I’m two weeks out of preparation. They might try and catch me dry. ‘Other than that, in my mind we’re going to the States. It will be good though.’ Joshua, above, won gold at London 2012

And Hearn, who has promoted Joshua since his professional debut, believes the leaked call will actually to benefit the heavyweight’s profile. ‘So, AJ had a delivery last night,’ Hearn told iFL TV. ‘They left a note saying tried to deliver it… bla, bla.  ‘AJ gets home, phones up delivery guy and the delivery guy realises it’s Anthony Joshua and starts talking to him and he records the call and puts it straight out on YouTube.

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