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Rashford’s mother Melanie reveals life of suffering and smiling

Marcus Rasford and mother Melanie Maynard relieve bitter experience


Marcus Rashford’s mother Melanie Maynard has opened up on what could pass for legendry Fela’s life of suffering and smiling, where it was impossible for the family to afford a loaf of bread.

Melanie Maynard who bared her mind an interview with the BBC Breakfast said she had to take up three jobs just to ensure that something in the resemblance of food is placed on the table.

She noted that her son and Manchester United forward Rashford whose feeding program has received commendation from far and near, is only telling a bitter story but working hard that ensure no child if possible goes through the experience.

She said: “I had three jobs and if I didn’t do that we wouldn’t have been able to cook a pot of food, it’s just a bit difficult.

“So Marcus is only telling the story from how he sees it and the words he has been saying come from the bottom of his heart.

“Sometimes it was really bad, I’d rather give the food to the kids than give it to myself, and sometimes I didn’t get anything to eat.

“Sometimes we didn’t even have a loaf of bread in the house, it’s embarrassing to say, but we didn’t.”

The 23-year-old, who forced a Government U-turn on free school meal vouchers over the summer holidays, said: “All the little struggles and the sacrifices that you made, it helps you appreciate everything like 10 times more, so I don’t see it as a weakness.

“I think in sport you have to have something behind you that is pushing you. When you come from a place of struggle and pain, a lot of the time it switches and it becomes your drive and motivation.”

The programme filmed the pair as they travelled to food charity Fare Share, where it was revealed a new unit would be named Melanie Maynard House.

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The England international who has scored 47 goals in 153 appearances for Manchester United joined his mother to speak about their experiences in the interview BBC interview.

The station is billed to air a special program, Marcus Rashford: Feeding Britain’s Children is on BBC One on Monday December 21 from 7pm.











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